Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Date 20 Years AGO!

Sam and I had our very first date 20 years ago today, September 29th. Wow, how time flies. He took me to a Suzuki concert that one of his students, Derek Fulwider, was performing in. I was so excited, having never been to a Suzuki concert. I couldn't believe how well such young children could play! Wonderful! Afterwards (or was it before) we went to the Osaka restaurant in downtown Provo. I was so impressed that he would take me to a really nice restaurant. So to celebrate 20 years, we are going to eat at the Osaka this evening for dinner (yum yum!). Maybe we could go to Derek and Pam's (another of Sam's former students who married Derek) house and listen to their sweet family play for us! Hmm, should have called and set that up!  TT

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall is Coming

I admitted to my friend Julie at work several years ago that fall was not my favorite time of the year. Fall meant that summer was over, and that winter was coming. It was like back in grade school when I would say the first week of school, "Last week I could do whatever I wanted, ride a bike or go swimming, and now I have to go to dumb school." Summer means long days of sunshine, Sam is home, my flowers grow, the 4th of July, the 24th of July in St. Johns with a parade and family time. My friend said fall is her favorite time of the year, and as I have read the NieNie Dialogues, I find she loves fall, especially Halloween. Hmm, I need to rethink my feelings about fall. There are things I love, like leaves changing colors, that is pretty. The sun hangs lower in the south which creates a golden sky. Sam is teaching me to appreciate the game of football, and that can be fun when BYU wins (not so much when losing by a lot of points to Florida State!). The nights are cooler, which makes for better sleeping and less need for a fan running all night. I like orange and brown, fall colors. I love wearing sweaters and jackets. Some of our favorite shows are back on TV. Buying Halloween candy is fun unless I eat it all before the cute neighborhood trick-or-treaters come! Fall isn't winter and has warm days with no snow on the roads! Hmm, fall. Happy first day of Autumn on September 22nd! (TT)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sharla and Jaron

Sam and I attended the beautiful reception in Hooper, ladies and gentleman, of Sharla and Jaron Foy! We enjoyed getting to meet Jaron and his family, and I loved talking to his two grandmothers. Sharla looked so beautiful in her wonderful dress, and Jaron was a handsome groom. A fun time was had by all (as the old St. Johns newspaper said a LONG time ago!). It was so good to see Sandy and Gary who looked very dapper in their black and pink (loved that pink tie on you Gary!). Loved the strawberry and vanilla ice cream sundaes with toppings and cookies (loved the pink M&M's and black Oreo's that were Sharla's colors, among other doo-dads to put on top that were her colors). The wedding cake itself tasted wonderful, and I loved the football cake in honor of Jaron who plans to be a high school football coach! For a minute I thought Sharla and Jaron might be related through Adaline Knight Belnap (married to Gilbert Belnap in Nauvoo days), but no, Jaron's mom has a relative who married into the Belnap line (the Belnaps settled around Hooper when the Pioneers moved west from Nauvoo, and Adaline's mother, Martha Knight, and grandmother, Abigale Mead McBride, are buried in the Ogden City Cemetery which is right next to Hooper). Sandy and I were excited to meet Jerry and Margaret Davis, with Jerry's grandfather being none other than Nofear Davis! I have heard Grandpa Davis talk about Uncle Nof in years gone by, so it was fun to meet Nof's grandson! Turns out that Jerry's daughter married a Richard Jacob who knows Dennis Davis, and Jerry and Margaret met Dennis at their daughter's wedding reception. It is great to be know your family history and meet all these people! Thanks Sharla and Jaron for getting married so we could all get together for a big party! Sam and I want to head back up to The Burger Bar when there is time to wait in line! Good to be with family. TT

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th

I am a morning TV news watcher, and today's news was of course about the attacks on September 11, 2001. I remember so clearly watching the Today show that day. The first tower had been hit, and Bryant Gumble was reporting that, when all of a sudden another plane could be seen flying towards and then hitting the second tower! I knew terrorists had put into action a gruesome plan. Then a plane hit the Pentagon, and another plane possibly headed for the White House crashed in Pennsylvania. What a difficult time, the end of 2001! I remember President Bush saying from Ground Zero that the U.S. would be coming for the perpetrators, and it felt so right to plan to squash evil! My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones. A mother and daughter were in one of the planes that hit the Twin Towers, and they had ties to Utah. A young LDS man doing an internship was killed in the Pentagon. How sad there are those who do not value people and life. TT

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Live United!

Today, September 10th, was United Way's Day of Caring. My co-worker and I participated, starting with breakfast at LaVell Edward's Cougar Stadium! It was great to be with a lot of caring people. Then Rose and I drove in her beater Jeep (love beater trucks!) to 840 North and 800 West to the RAH (Recreation and Habilitation) Center. This center is for handicapped people who come to participate in activities of all sorts. Rose and I helped clean the south side of the building. She cleaned out flower/tomato beds, and I swept half the patio while Su Tullis's brother-in-law (what a coincident to run into him and his lovely wife Julia formerly Barton!) swept the other half. Then Rose and I raked lawns after BYU Grounds people pruned trees. How amazing BYU sent so many over to do the trees, which were really in need of trimming. There were several top BYU Alumni people there as well. So neat to see everyone in their white t-shirts with black lettering on the front, Live United. This is the second year I have taken a morning off work to clean up a non-profit's yard. I highly recommend volunteering this way. Brad Olson and Tau were there as well. Looking forward to next year's activity!  TT

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Quest for Good Health

In the quest for health, Sam made up a song in a serendipitous moment. We hope you like it.

Benefiber, Benefiber
Look out! Look out!
Pour in water. Pour in water.

(As sung to the tune Scotland's Burning)
If you don't know the tune, click on the link.