Monday, September 14, 2009

Sharla and Jaron

Sam and I attended the beautiful reception in Hooper, ladies and gentleman, of Sharla and Jaron Foy! We enjoyed getting to meet Jaron and his family, and I loved talking to his two grandmothers. Sharla looked so beautiful in her wonderful dress, and Jaron was a handsome groom. A fun time was had by all (as the old St. Johns newspaper said a LONG time ago!). It was so good to see Sandy and Gary who looked very dapper in their black and pink (loved that pink tie on you Gary!). Loved the strawberry and vanilla ice cream sundaes with toppings and cookies (loved the pink M&M's and black Oreo's that were Sharla's colors, among other doo-dads to put on top that were her colors). The wedding cake itself tasted wonderful, and I loved the football cake in honor of Jaron who plans to be a high school football coach! For a minute I thought Sharla and Jaron might be related through Adaline Knight Belnap (married to Gilbert Belnap in Nauvoo days), but no, Jaron's mom has a relative who married into the Belnap line (the Belnaps settled around Hooper when the Pioneers moved west from Nauvoo, and Adaline's mother, Martha Knight, and grandmother, Abigale Mead McBride, are buried in the Ogden City Cemetery which is right next to Hooper). Sandy and I were excited to meet Jerry and Margaret Davis, with Jerry's grandfather being none other than Nofear Davis! I have heard Grandpa Davis talk about Uncle Nof in years gone by, so it was fun to meet Nof's grandson! Turns out that Jerry's daughter married a Richard Jacob who knows Dennis Davis, and Jerry and Margaret met Dennis at their daughter's wedding reception. It is great to be know your family history and meet all these people! Thanks Sharla and Jaron for getting married so we could all get together for a big party! Sam and I want to head back up to The Burger Bar when there is time to wait in line! Good to be with family. TT

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