Thursday, September 10, 2009

Live United!

Today, September 10th, was United Way's Day of Caring. My co-worker and I participated, starting with breakfast at LaVell Edward's Cougar Stadium! It was great to be with a lot of caring people. Then Rose and I drove in her beater Jeep (love beater trucks!) to 840 North and 800 West to the RAH (Recreation and Habilitation) Center. This center is for handicapped people who come to participate in activities of all sorts. Rose and I helped clean the south side of the building. She cleaned out flower/tomato beds, and I swept half the patio while Su Tullis's brother-in-law (what a coincident to run into him and his lovely wife Julia formerly Barton!) swept the other half. Then Rose and I raked lawns after BYU Grounds people pruned trees. How amazing BYU sent so many over to do the trees, which were really in need of trimming. There were several top BYU Alumni people there as well. So neat to see everyone in their white t-shirts with black lettering on the front, Live United. This is the second year I have taken a morning off work to clean up a non-profit's yard. I highly recommend volunteering this way. Brad Olson and Tau were there as well. Looking forward to next year's activity!  TT

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