Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall is Coming

I admitted to my friend Julie at work several years ago that fall was not my favorite time of the year. Fall meant that summer was over, and that winter was coming. It was like back in grade school when I would say the first week of school, "Last week I could do whatever I wanted, ride a bike or go swimming, and now I have to go to dumb school." Summer means long days of sunshine, Sam is home, my flowers grow, the 4th of July, the 24th of July in St. Johns with a parade and family time. My friend said fall is her favorite time of the year, and as I have read the NieNie Dialogues, I find she loves fall, especially Halloween. Hmm, I need to rethink my feelings about fall. There are things I love, like leaves changing colors, that is pretty. The sun hangs lower in the south which creates a golden sky. Sam is teaching me to appreciate the game of football, and that can be fun when BYU wins (not so much when losing by a lot of points to Florida State!). The nights are cooler, which makes for better sleeping and less need for a fan running all night. I like orange and brown, fall colors. I love wearing sweaters and jackets. Some of our favorite shows are back on TV. Buying Halloween candy is fun unless I eat it all before the cute neighborhood trick-or-treaters come! Fall isn't winter and has warm days with no snow on the roads! Hmm, fall. Happy first day of Autumn on September 22nd! (TT)

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