Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Date 20 Years AGO!

Sam and I had our very first date 20 years ago today, September 29th. Wow, how time flies. He took me to a Suzuki concert that one of his students, Derek Fulwider, was performing in. I was so excited, having never been to a Suzuki concert. I couldn't believe how well such young children could play! Wonderful! Afterwards (or was it before) we went to the Osaka restaurant in downtown Provo. I was so impressed that he would take me to a really nice restaurant. So to celebrate 20 years, we are going to eat at the Osaka this evening for dinner (yum yum!). Maybe we could go to Derek and Pam's (another of Sam's former students who married Derek) house and listen to their sweet family play for us! Hmm, should have called and set that up!  TT


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